Meet Catt. She's an art director / photographer / social-soshalan / snaper/ iger / tweeter / eater / feeling blogger / feeling writer / feelingera.

Catt Ricardo


Hi my name is Catt Ricardo, an Advertising & Public Relations graduate. I'm one of those people who is an Art Director but reallydoesn't draw well, I can draw: a sun, a flower, a cloud, but can't do a portrait of you, or anyone -- perhaps a stick drawing of you. (if that counts!)

Still, I can say that I am creative - well I've been working for an advertising company for years now (going to 4 years from being an  intern to part-time to full time) - that's one, but at a young age I remember myself loving the art of "creation" - making stuff -- enjoying making collages, cutting paper, pasting and gluing, colors, watercolor all the ARTSY and CRAFTY things I can do at home. I do remember also I often join the poster making contest at our school too. And my parents are both into arts -- a Fine Arts graduate and an Architecture graduate, so that's an additional reason why and where my creativity lies. :D

“Excellence is in the details.
Give attention to the details
and excellence will come.”

I love to keep anything and everything BEAUTIFUL. Especially packaging. From water bottle, tissue box, shoe box, paper bag, coffee cups, candy box, chocolate box, perfume bottle - boxes -- well if I can't get to keep it -- I take pictures of them instead and admire them "virtually" ahaha!

I'm very much in love with the details, especially those packaging with story and such thinking behind it. I have this dream to rebrand my country's good delicious delicacies to a world class export products. Though I still don't know much about packaging -- nor to draw or illustrate a package, but hey -- I'm still young, I can still study and explore the world of PACKAGING DESIGN. (I get inspired through DIELINE - best packaging website - EVER!)


But who am I? really? I'm just an ordinary girl who happens to love London and British stuff -- check out my Instagram @cattricardo -- because of One Direction (yup I am a Directioner but not that TOO fangirl) so I am channeling my 1D obsession with all the UK, LONDON, BRITISH STUFF, instead of drooling over them haha! My friends and family knows that - I've established that total recall for them whenever they see Union Jack items they instantly remember me :D 

I'm just an ordinary girl ho happens to love ART.
The art of creating, the art of conversing, 
the art of eating, the art of traveling,
the art of living.
Making each moment a masterpiece. 




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